Psychology of Employees in the Pandemic

With the statement made by the World Health Organization on March 11, 2020, the Corona Virus was declared a “pandemic”. Countries, people, everyone started to take precautions, act more cautiously and pay attention to hygiene and stay at home.

Business life is one of the areas that has been seriously interrupted in this process. It has been a difficult process for both employees and managers. Employees take responsibility for taking care of the health of themselves, their colleagues and loved ones at home. Of course, this situation can cause compelling effects on the person.

Employers took hygiene measures, efforts were made to protect physical health, but no work was done for mental health. Acting without forgetting that health is a whole; Let’s see what we can do to protect mental health.

In this process, we can list the business life as follows.

Those who continue their work in the same way,

Those who continue their work mainly from home,

Those who are suspended from work indefinitely or those who lose their jobs.

Uncertainty for those who have been suspended or lost their jobs indefinitely; Anxiety about the future gradually begins to give way to thoughts of hopelessness and helplessness. Both the individual health concerns they experience and thinking about when and how things will get better again will make them feel psychologically tired. It can be a little calming to remember that these undesirable results affect many people and that they also have common anxieties, and that you are not alone. This period; they can evaluate them to think about new possibilities and make alternative plans.

Those who continue their work mainly from home; This may not be easy for those who have no previous home office working experience. So what can those working from home do?

Try to wake up at the same time you wake up every day and get rid of your pajamas and put on your daily clothes.

Instead of messy working on the sofa on the sofa, create a small space for yourself immediately.

Try not to keep the media tools open all the time; use within certain hours.

Have online meetings with your colleagues where you set the start and end times.

Don’t break the cycle of waking up, breakfast, work, social media, personal growth, household responsibilities, exercise, healthy eating, and sleep.

Make sure your working environment is quiet.

Do not watch movies or TV series while eating and drinking until late. This can turn into a habit and make you feel tired.

Working from home can be difficult, but remember this is temporary.

While continuing his business life at work;

First of all, remember that more worrying doesn’t make us safer!

It is not good to talk about the epidemic all the time.

It is not good to ignore the epidemic and say ‘life goes on, let’s go about our business’.

While we warn each other about health precautions, we must not lose sight of kindness!

Fear of the epidemic can be experienced differently for everyone. Don’t expect everyone to react the way you do.

Don’t feel guilty, you can protect yourself and your family by taking personal precautions.

Therefore, we must not forget that we are living through a historical period in which humanity is struggling to live while suffering a common pain. In fulfilling our responsibilities, we should try to be kind and compassionate towards each other.

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