Psychological support during cancer treatment

Psychological Support in the Process of Cancer Treatment

Cancer, as many of us know, is the uncontrolled proliferation of cells in our body, that is, malignant tumorization. We must evaluate and address this disease, which threatens life in every aspect, in a bio-psycho-social framework. What is this bio psycho social structure? We are all biological creatures living in a social environment, with a unique psychology. While receiving a biological treatment, we should support this process socially and psychologically.

How can psychology be supported during the cancer treatment process?

First of all, we should start with a regular diet. Stay away from ready-made foods, sugary, packaged products; We should eat as naturally as we can. We should pay attention to our regular sleep at night and prefer a quiet and dark environment as much as possible. Because the hormone melatonin, which is responsible for the restoration of our organs, is secreted in the healthiest way. We should increase water consumption, especially in order to reduce the side effects of intensive drug therapy such as chemotherapy, we should be careful to consume at least two liters of water. In addition, we should exercise even if it is less and short, suitable for our age, diagnosis and treatment, and we should store vitamin D, especially in sunny weather. Let’s come to the most important part, we should always keep our morale high.

When should we get support?

Yes cancer is life threatening; Although it is a very serious disease that can trigger many mental problems such as crisis, depression, anxiety, adjustment disorders, we should not forget that we are stronger than this disease. The patient should not forget the importance of the treatment family triangle, and during this period, we should seek support from our relatives or our environment when needed while receiving our treatment regularly. We should know that spiritual ups and downs are normal from time to time, but we should definitely seek psychological support in long-lasting mental changes. I wish you healthy days. With love..

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