Psychological resilience (resilience)

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Many people struggle in situations of uncertainty, unexpected events, and stressful moments. Some people, on the other hand, are capable of coping with such situations without difficulty.

The skill that provides this is Psychological Resilience. Psychological Resilience, which is a dynamic process; It includes coping successfully with traumatic experiences, challenging life events or risk, healthy adaptability, and developing competence. Studies show that people with high psychological resilience have some internal and external characteristics. These;

– Basic physical (shelter, eating, drinking) and psychological (love, care, affection) needs have been met without any problems in childhood
-Have a sense of humor
-High self-confidence and self-esteem
– Presence of social support
-Autonomy (autonomy)
– Not to be influenced by social stereotypes
– Ability to accept criticism
-Problem solving skills
– Ability to empathize
-Communication skill
Maintaining positive emotions (joy, hope, optimism, pride, love, loyalty, peace, contentment, determination).

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