Psychological Resilience

Responding to the negativities experienced with flexibility and getting out of this situation in the healthiest way possible and being able to recover oneself form the basis of psychological resilience.

The ability to adapt to circumstances, albeit difficult, as a result of unfortunate events that one cannot change, allows a person to regain his strength after hardships and lead a fulfilling and productive life.

Failure, material and moral losses, exposure to violence and bullying, natural disasters, divorce, separation from friends or hometown, health problems and death are just a few of the negativities that come to our mind. Individuals with psychological resilience can manage these processes, learn from their experiences, and overcome problems with the least possible damage with their coping skills.

How Does Psychological Resilience Develop?

Unbiased evaluation:

Identifying the problem as it is without catastrophizing it; ‘Within a week my landlord wants me to vacate the house, which is difficult but not impossible in the winter. I can look at the advertisements on the internet, although I have difficulty, I am not the first to move unprepared, I will overcome this’


Someone who knows his strengths as well as his weaknesses and acts accordingly, adapts to difficulties more quickly. ‘Although it was difficult before, I have always been able to cope with the problems I faced during my move, this time I am more experienced and have more opportunities’

Qualified social environment:

A sincere and supportive circle of family and friends will encourage people to share and exchange ideas, while also focusing on the solution.


The individual, who feels that he belongs to the environment and culture he lives in, to the family that raised him, to his friends and interests, knows where to get support when he falls into a dead end and turns to a functional solution more quickly.

Goal setting:

It is important to rank the problem from heavy to light and determine which ones to tackle at the time. Making a strategy plan, not forgetting the difficult thing to deal with, but putting it in order and moving forward as one gets stronger will solve the person faster.

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