Psychological Preparation for Pregnancy

The soul must be ready for the pregnancy process as well as the body. Babies cannot hold on to bodies where the spiritual process is not ready, they become restless…

1. Why do we want a baby?

Is it because we’re getting old? Social pressure? To be friends with us? To replace someone we lost? What does this baby mean to us? Every answer we give will deeply affect our baby’s spiritual process and our view of him. The answer we give to this question will also affect our expectations from our baby.

2. How do I perceive pregnancy?

What comes to mind when I think of being pregnant? Is this a shame for me, something that should be hidden as much as possible? Is pregnancy a sacred process? What kind of mole is formed in my mind when I get pregnant? What are the advantages and disadvantages of being pregnant for me?

3. How is my relationship with my own parents?

Having a child inside also activates our own childhood wounds. It is difficult to carry a baby in the womb when a child is crying inside. How is our relationship with our parents? What was missing? What would I like to change in my own parents?

4. How is my body image?

What do I see when I look in the mirror? Am I satisfied with my body? Do I have concerns about gaining weight? When I look at a pregnant woman, what do I think about her body? What size do I desire during pregnancy?

5. How is my relationship with my spouse?

Do I feel understood and understood? Am I safe in the relationship? What if our relationship had a scent? What if our relationship had a texture? How do I feel when I smell this fragrance? What do I feel when touching this tissue? What would be the environment of our house if a baby came to this house? What does the baby mean to our relationship? Would a baby feel safe in this relationship?

6. Examination of traumas:

Are there any issues that will never be erased from my mind? Do I have recurring dreams in content? Are there issues from childhood that upset me deeply as I remember them?

7. Is there a significant stress factor in my life at the moment?

Is there a stress factor in my life right now that deeply upsets, worries or scares me? If so, is this a temporary process?

What did I hear about childbirth from my environment, my mother and other women? Is birth a frightening process for me? How do I want my birth to be? What kind of birth am I planning? Who do I want to be with me at birth?

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