Psychological Pain and Its Symptoms

Psychological pain, psychology and bodily symptoms

My dear readers, in this article, with pain, illness and other physical conditions; I want you to realize the relationship between human psychology and psychopathology. Thanks to this awareness, the person can have a healthier body, can give meaning to the signals coming from the body; can be protected from mental and physical diseases.

One of the worst habits of man is the constant separation of mind and body; In other words, the body is perceived as a mind that can live forever and a poor creature that is constantly aging, getting sick, a source of pain, going to the toilet. In fact, the body is an extension of the same existence as the mind. That is, thoughts, beliefs and perception affect the body and the body reacts to this situation. For example, when you constantly focus on negative and pathetic thoughts, but at the same time try to stay strong, “fullness or pain” in the throat and nose appears as an expression of this. If you have someone suffocating you or a suffocating job in your life; The body expresses this by breathing difficult and you can apply to a chest diseases specialist with this complaint. When there are unwanted interventions in your personal boundaries, the body; expresses this by creating various skin problems. Emotions such as anger held for a long time can “appear” as intestinal diseases (ulcerative colitis, Chron, tumor, etc.). Fibromyalgia or other muscle and bone pain can occur as an expression of the overload carried in life or the extra support you give to loved ones. Not being able to respond to someone who upsets you may cause nausea and you may have to go from doctor to doctor with this symptom and manage with the diagnosis of reflux. Panic attacks occur due to various personality traits and as a result of a rebellion against the excessive spiritual burdens carried. So your heart was pounding and your breathing was stifled, and as a result you were compelled to shed all unnecessary burdens, then I wonder if the body is wiser than we are and is actually organizing symptoms and illness for our own good?

Here’s a body workout to test what I’ve told you; put your hand on the aching area of ​​your body and focus only on the pain, just focus on the pain without thinking; follow the borders of the pain to other areas where it spreads; “When you focus on the pain, where does the pain spread?, what thoughts (burden, anger, etc.) come to your mind? What emotion did you begin to notice?

I would like to end my article by saying “the body does not betray you, it expresses it when you betray yourself”.

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