Psychological health in the days of Corona

took place recently Due to the Corona epidemic We feel threatened both mentally and physically. As it is known, stress can be the cause of many physiological and psychological disorders and can affect the course and severity of diseases. For this reason, it is necessary to understand the stress factor and learn to deal with it. At the moment, both the epidemic process and the situation of being isolated from social life bring along financial and moral problems. This paves the way for the emergence of many psychological disorders and increases the severity of existing disorders. In particular, clients who have made a certain progress in the therapy process worry about questions such as “Will I ever go back to my old self?” First of all, it is natural that our concerns are high during this epidemic process.

In order for us to think that the reaction to a situation is in the dimension of psychological discomfort, this reaction must be disproportionate to the situation encountered. However, the reaction given at the moment is directly proportional to the situation experienced. Therefore, instead of worrying about the rise of our anxieties, it will be more effective to accept this situation and search for solutions. In this process the first step in dealing with our anxieties It is the appropriate use of social media despite the information pollution about the epidemic. Necessary information related to the epidemic should be obtained from accurate and reliable sources, precautions should be taken and activities that will make us feel good in the remaining time should be dealt with.

In this process where we are socially isolated, we should stay in touch with the people we love through electronic means in order to ensure that social support does not decrease. Attention should be paid to a balanced diet, sleep pattern (especially going to bed early at night and getting up at the same time in the morning) and exercise (There are many videos on the internet for exercises that can be done at home.) In cases of increased anxiety, meditation, muscle and breathing exercises can be used to relax the body physiologically. If you feel that you cannot cope with your concerns even though these suggestions are implemented, advancing this process with an expert may be a good option.

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