psychological flexibility

Psychological flexibility is defined as being able to realize the expectations of our environment and adjust our thoughts and behaviors accordingly. If we want to explain this in a simpler way, let’s use the tree metaphor. Trees that survive the storm are often those that can flex against the wind instead of standing upright. This is actually the case for us as well. What we call being strong is not taking a rigid stance towards life, but being able to act in the most appropriate way to the situation. We can only achieve this if we are psychologically flexible.

So how do I know if I’m flexible or rigid? As an example, we can start with the following questions: Do I have immutable rules? Am I judgmental? Am I avoiding my inner experiences?

Our destination will be Do I know myself? It’s a path that takes time and consistency. Getting help in the area where you feel stuck means opening ourselves to the potential that this road can be enjoyable.

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