Psychological effect of online education (children are happy and successful in school)

Today, we are experiencing a universal problem caused by the virus, which is an extraordinary situation. Although this problem affects us in many areas, the education dimension and its impact on learning, school and study system continue to challenge parents and children. During this period, our children have been away from not only learning but also many happiness and motivational effects such as socialization, nature, play, friends and communication. In addition, in this period, rather than learning anxiety, the concern that the psychological side of the student and the child is worn out should be more on our agenda. The child will experience psychological effects and difficulties not only today, but perhaps in most of his life, which continues with this effect in the long term. For this reason, although we cannot eliminate this effect on students and children, we must see ways to solve it with milder effects.

The child gets the greatest motivation in life from trust and love. A child who has not reached school age receives this trust and love from his parents, family and relatives. However, a child and young person whose student and school period has started receives trust and love more from society, social meetings, friends and communication.

Of course, if the only activity in the lives of children who are sheltered and alone in the home environment is online lessons, the education, learning, knowledge and success effect given to this child who lacks motivation and happiness will be insufficient. In the feedback I received from our client students with whom we worked with, “the homework given in school education, while the lessons made me happy, now the online lessons and homework are too much for me, I am struggling and I am very bored” Why? Because the child does not have a happy social environment, there is no sociability, there is no communication. An individual recognizes himself only in the communication he has with the other person, and while trying to get to know that person, he succeeds in getting to know himself. Self-knowledge in an individual is a more powerful and necessary achievement than academic success.

Just as we continue to produce and work by taking the necessary precautions by thinking about the country’s economy and tourism, just as we are motivated by making a holiday program by taking the necessary precautions, the strongest measures should be taken in schools by considering the psychology of our children. By providing all the necessary material and spiritual opportunities, we should not keep our children, who are valuable and healthy generation of our future, away from being happy children without separating them from their education nests, friends and social areas. Education can be given either this year or the next year. Even though online education is not enough, the child still gets education somehow. However, we cannot fix the seed of fear we have planted in our children, their psychological weariness in the void, unhappy and self-disciplined, with online education or next year. Let’s take the strongest measures for our children, for our students, for our schools, and let them move on with their lives.

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