Psychological difficulties experienced during the divorce process

While one out of every two marriages in Europe ends in divorce, this rate is increasing day by day, although this rate is about one in five marriages in our country. When we look at the 2013 data, we see that 120,000 out of approximately 600,000 marriages ended in divorce (TÜİK). The family institution, which we call the cornerstone of the society and its fees; Along with social, cultural, technological and many other environmental factors, it is also under the influence of our individual characteristics.

In our country where arranged marriages are still common; In preparation for marriage and in the following processes, there is a festive happiness. However, sometimes with the beginning of marriages, and sometimes in the advancing time periods, problems may increase between the spouses. Although research on issues such as divorce rates and causes of divorce has increased in recent years, the psychological problems experienced by spouses during the divorce process, which is an important point, are ignored. In this process, the moods of individuals, like the eruption of a volcano, harm not only themselves, but also other members of the family and those around them.

In the divorce processes, we see that depressive affect and outbursts of anger come to the fore as well as feelings such as anxiety, fear, anger, pessimism, worry and hopelessness. Here, violent conflict between spouses, uncertainty about the future, and concerns about children, if any, are the main factors in experiencing these feelings.

Two basic questions come to mind regarding the psychological problems experienced in the divorce process; Are psychological problems experienced a reason for divorce, or are individuals experiencing psychological problems due to the effect of the divorce process? In fact, it is possible to say yes for both cases. The important point that attracts attention is that individuals apply late for professional support during the divorce process or do not come at all. The marriage union, which becomes inextricable with the participation of the families in the process, can leave long-term damages that are difficult to repair for both children and parents.

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