Psoriasis and Expressing Emotions

Skin can be described as a membrane that integrates and covers the human being. In this sense, external
while acting as a shield against sensations from the world,
It also covers internal conflicts and stimuli. Skin, its structure and
It is the most important among the sense organs in terms of its functions. Because the other sense
While it is possible to sustain life in its deficiencies, it is possible in the lack of skin.
is not (Anzieu, 1995). The health of our skin is closely related to our mental health.
Many skin diseases are triggered or occur by psychological stress factors.
Psoriasis Disease is one of them.

Psoriasis is a recurrent, painful and socially isolating disease.
is an inconvenience. Many different factors play a role in the emergence of this disorder.
However, it is noteworthy that psychological factors are also very important. This
The disease is triggered both by stress and the appearance of wounds and plaques,
It is a source of stress in the person with its frequent repetition and being visible from the outside.
is happening. . Such psychological diseases are caused by stress or internal distress.
can be considered as an expression. With people with psoriasis
When interviewed, many experience the first onset of illness as a traumatic life.
connects to his story. loss, illness, and other distressing situations
These affected people usually accumulate their own emotions in a sensitive nature,
They stated that they are people who are afraid of hurting others. your feelings
Having insufficient expression of psychosomatic symptoms in many areas of people
It can cause them to show their emotions, that is, to express their emotions through the body.
Let’s not forget that our skin is a curtain that connects us with the outside world.
functions (Szwec, 2006). Emotions that can be expressed with language
It doesn’t need to be embodied. In this case, physical illness occurs.
probability may decrease. expressing their feelings externally capable of doing so
Although it seems quite easy to people, it is quite easy for the person who cannot do it.
it is a difficult situation. In order for the emotion to be expressed, it must first be noticed by the person.
must be understood, understood, and recognized. It’s a skill and early
It begins to develop in the relations established in the past.

The environment in which the expression of emotion is first learned is the family and the first teacher, especially
is the mother. For this reason, it is especially important to establish a secure bond with the mother.
is doing. In addition, insecure attachment affects the person until his/her future life.

It can create a stress and negative affect to be carried. This situation again
for psychosomatization (expression of psychological distress through the body)
increases the risk. In these people, emotional expression in terms of psychotherapeutic and family and
Studying close relationships can reduce the psychosomatic dimension of the disease. However,
taking into account both the complex nature of the disease and the mental uniqueness of each individual.
taking into account other psychological factors and physical interventions
Fulfillment of requirements must be a priority. In this case most
appropriate treatment modality necessary physiological interventions a dermatologist
as well as by directing the person to psychotherapy
knowledge and skills in reducing stress and expressing emotions
is to be brought in. A treatment carried out in this way can take effect more quickly and
can contribute to obtaining more permanent results.

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