Psoriasis is defined in medical language as psoriasis vulgaris.

Looking at the typical symptoms that cause psoriasis to be named; pink – red, slightly raised ground
White, coarse, shiny and dry dandruff is seen on the surface. These symptoms range from 1 – 2 mm. to 30 – 40
It can be up to cm. in size, in many different shapes and in one or more. rarely
It is also possible to encounter types that cover very large areas of the body. liver disease or
Just as it has nothing to do with any other organ, it has nothing to do with the food eaten.

Psoriasis is a disease that is very prone to suggestion due to its psychological origin and the patient is treated
may be affected by such transactions. In cases where symptoms are very common
Special treatments are applied with ultraviolet rays.

Psoriasis treatment is an individual treatment. Determinant in drug selection and treatment duration.
the extent of the disease, the location of the symptoms, the severity of nail involvement and joint involvement, previous
Response to treatments, characteristics such as how the disease progresses. In addition, the patient’s gender, age, general condition,
fertility is also taken into account.

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