Platelet Rich Plasma (PRP); means serum rich in “platelets” in the blood.
is coming. Orthopedics, who says that usually one’s own blood is taken by vein, and
Traumatology Specialist Op. Dr. Ahmet ÖZKAMALI, “Blood high-speed motor tools (centrifuge)
After it has been rotated for 10-15 minutes, the shaped elements and serum (plasma) of the blood
separates into layers. erythrocytes (red blood cells) at the bottom, platelets in the middle
(cells that provide clotting) and serum (plasma) at the top. in sterile conditions
From here, platelets are drawn into an injector, mixed with some serum (plasma) and treated.
It is applied to the area to be treated under sterile conditions. used the phrases.
Kiss. Dr. Ahmet ÖZKAMALI, “The muscle that is injured, injured or showing problems,
the repair process of tendons and similar tissues; in the coagulated blood in the area
It ensures the migration of cells that arise with the breakdown of platelets to the injury site.
inflammation; It can be understood as swelling caused by impact, hitting, injury. Improvement
This inflammation initiates the process. The purpose of PRP injections is to remove platelets to the diseased area.
It is to ensure healing in the region by injecting this rich material.” said.
of PRP; Shoulder rotator cuff injuries and problems, tennis-golfer elbow, achilles
tendinitis, quadriceps and patellar tendinitis, adductor tendinitis, heel spur, biceps
injuries, meniscus problems, knee calcification, cartilage lesion
Ahmet ÖZKAMAL, who said that the patient’s own blood was used
Since it is an injection into the tissue, no allergic reaction will be expected, but
Since inflammation will occur in the area with the application, complaints such as swelling and mild pain will occur.
He said it could be expected.

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