Prp /cgf / stem cell

What does PRP mean? PRP is a preparation prepared from our own blood. The word meaning of PRP is Platelet Rich Plasma, which means plasma rich in coagulation cells. This application is based on the principle of concentrating the stem cell stimulating growth factors in the blood. The preparation prepared according to this principle is used in the rapid healing of muscle, tendon, ligament tears or in the treatment of cartilage problems of joints such as knee, hip or ankle.

We can call it the more advanced ones of the PRP treatments that I wrote earlier. CGF (concentrated growth factor) is a preparation obtained by processing the blood taken from our veins like PRP. Its difference and superiority from PRP is the elimination of coagulation cells in the plasma. Thus, the cartilage stimulating feature is increased.

Stem cell applications are in many forms, and approximately 50 cc of fat is obtained from belly fat, the most easily applied type, by liposuction method. Then, this oil is passed through a special filtering system and a stem cell preparation is obtained.

Although the success rate of this type of treatment varies from person to person, success rates of 50-80% / 1 year can be mentioned.

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