Prp applications and place

Platelet Rich Plasma, with its English spelling, means the serum in which the Platelet Rich Plasma, which has an important role in coagulation in our blood, is concentrated. They call the cells we call ‘Stem Cell’, which can differentiate and multiply in different environments according to the needs of the rate, to the injury site. The purpose of this is for the stem cells to produce the cells necessary to repair the damage that has occurred here.

How to obtain PRP;

PRP is simply obtained from the person’s own blood. At the beginning of the application, the blood taken from the vein is centrifuged in a sterile environment and platelets are collected in one place. With the help of an injector, platelet-rich serum is aspirated and made ready for application.

How does PRP work in Skin Rejuvenation;

Let’s assume that the liquid (PRP) obtained from the blood is injected into the skin in any region. Since the injection process creates an injury and there are many platelets, there are more platelets here than in a normal injury.

An increased activation, cell production, new collagen and elastin synthesis, and increased blood flow to the area where they are located, angiogenesis (development of new vessels) occur by calling the Stem Cell. It causes a better nutrition with the help of a better nutrition, all of which result in a decrease in wrinkles and looseness, a more lively appearance, increase in cell repair and development, and a decrease in color changes as a result of repairing the damaged upper skin. This means a firmer, more vibrant and younger skin appearance.

Where and in which situations PRP is useful;

PRP can be used alone or in combination with other methods, especially when there is damage, wear, and aging on the skin (which occurs in the form of thinning, wrinkling, loosening, and staining). It occurs mostly in middle and older people, and factors such as being under the influence of the sun, smoking, and malnutrition increase this damage. In addition, genetic factors are of great importance in the formation of these changes. It should be known that it will be less effective in the treatment of lesions on the skin of young people.

The use of PRP with other skin rejuvenation methods;

PRP can be used as a support with various laser applications, filling procedures, skin abrasions and even after some surgeries. It is recommended to be used as a supplement and support with Fractional Laser applications, which are used to reduce wrinkles and staining on the face and are accepted as the ‘Gold Standard’.

Does PRP replace other applications?

PRP has a place in skin rejuvenation. However, each application has its advantages in different places. The areas where the filling is effective, the situations where Botox is useful are different, the expectation of laser applications is different. They cannot be used interchangeably, so it is meaningless to use and compare PRP as a filler. Similarly, using fillers or Botox applications instead of PRP treatment will not give the desired result. Of course, the physician performing the application should decide on the selection, combination and frequency of application of the application method.

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