Repair and regeneration of damaged tissues in the body is done by cells called “platelets” in the blood.
PRP is a rapid process initiated by the injection of platelet-enriched plasma into the damaged area.
is the repair process.

How is the Application Made?
Plasma application is the separation of some blood taken from the person in the centrifuge device and the obtained
It is done by injecting platelet-enriched plasma into the damaged area. Injection
2 to 4 times more platelets are sent to the damaged tissue than are normally carried by the bloodstream. It depends on this
As a result, the repair starts faster and more powerfully.

Where is PRP applied?
PRP, which is a cell renewal method, can be applied to the body such as face, neck, décolleté area, hands, inner legs and arms.
applied to parts. In addition, rapid regeneration of the skin after applications such as laser or peeling.
provides structure. It is used in wounds and cracks that take a long time to heal, as well as hair loss.
It is a factor that enhances the effect of treatment. When applied to hair, weakened hair follicles
strengthens and reduces shedding.

Is PRP made by injection only?
PRP can also be applied with the help of a mask or mixed with a specially prepared cream. However, leather
Six applications give faster results.

Does PRP have side effects?
Since PRP is prepared from the patient’s own blood, it has no side effects. only natural process
speeds up.

Can anyone have PRP?
People with insufficient platelet count and cancer patients cannot benefit from PRP treatment.

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