Providing Anger Control

Sometimes I get so angry that I throw whatever I have, shout and shout, hit whoever is next to me at that moment, and from time to time I hit my head.

The lines above can go on and on. We get angry and the consequences can be negative. So What Is Anger?

Anger is a natural and human emotion given to unsatisfied wishes, undesirable consequences, and unmet expectations. Yes, anger is one of the emotions like happiness, joy, sadness. But what separates anger from other emotions is that we want to control it. . So What Is Anger Control?

Anger Management is generally understood as not getting angry and not engaging in harmful behavior. However, anger control is about accepting and expressing the feeling of anger in the right way.

Imagine that I am suggesting to myself that “I will not be angry, I will not be angry”. Actually, I deny my anger. Will it be effective? Sorry no.

Some situations can make me angry, angry. We call it the law of nature, or it is exactly that.

What matters is what we do when we get angry. If we are harming ourselves or those around us, something may be going wrong. I cannot express my anger properly.

So what can I do when I’m angry?

  • I can count to 10

  • I can do it like blow out candles

  • I’m pissed off at myself but I can reiterate that I can handle the situation

  • I can massage my body

  • I can get rid of the anger environment, I can listen to music by drawing and painting.

  • I can sleep, take a shower

  • I can do breathing work.

  • I can describe my anger. (I feel angry when you shout)

  • I write my feelings on a piece of paper and tear it up.

  • I squeeze or crush play dough. (pillow)

  • I share my feelings with someone who cares about me

  • I exercise, I move

  • I scream into a pillow

  • I cry until I feel comfortable in a safe place.

The above is valid for both children and adults. Children, in particular, may not know how to calm down when they are angry. The good news is that the ability to calm down when I’m angry isn’t entirely innate. So it can be learned and improved. As parents or teachers, how would you like to teach our children some of the above items and develop this skill together?

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