Protective aesthetics draws attention as it is more advantageous than the applications made after the deformation has occurred.

Protective aesthetic applications aimed at delaying aging draw attention with the fact that they are more advantageous than applications performed after deformation occurs in advancing age. Problems such as wrinkles, staining and sagging on the skin provide faster and more effective results thanks to protective aesthetics. Protective aesthetics; It covers liposuction, filling, peeling, mastopexy applications.

Surpluses are neutralized with liposuction

Liposuction is applied to the fat around the navel, allowing people to have a younger appearance. In this method, fat is sucked from various parts of the body by vacuum and added to the required areas by injection of this absorbed fat. In this way, the body is reshaped.

Plastic surgeons, who used to find it risky to remove more than 3 liters of fat, can remove up to 10 liters of fat with their new method. Some of the fats are added by injection and the body is reshaped. After liposuction, people can return to work after a few days and can resume their normal activities within a week or two. Recovery time depends on the size of the surgery and the body.

Filling removes deformations on the skin

Fillers; around the mouth, eyes and lips; It is applied in a very wide area such as the forehead, between the eyebrows, the tip and sides of the chin, cheekbones. Filling can also be used to remove deformations caused by acne and various injuries.

Ready-made fillers obtained from ingredients such as hyaluronic acid, collagen and calcium hydrosiapatite; By increasing the volume of the skin, it reduces the difference of the collapsed skin from the other skin. Ready-made filling applications, the effect of which is temporary, can respond to people’s dissatisfaction or the desire to return to their former state, unlike non-reversible applications. These applications can be repeated in accordance with the needs of the people, if desired, and if the person is satisfied with the application, permanent ready-made filling can be applied.

Skin rejuvenation with peeling

The process of renewing and rejuvenating the skin by peeling the upper skin is called Peeling. Peeling applied to the face can also be applied to the hands. With the peeling process, many problems such as wrinkles, tired skin, sun-damaged skin and skin spots are eliminated and the skin in the applied area becomes younger, brighter and more elastic.

Green Peel is often preferred among peeling application materials. Since this material is completely herbal, it does not harm the skin. Thus, people can safely get fast and effective results from this application. Pigmentation that occurs in some types of peeling is almost never seen in this peeling. This Peel, which is a medium deep peel, heals faster than other medium Peel types.

Breast sagging is eliminated with Mastopexy

Since aesthetic defects around the chest have the potential to negatively affect our psychology, it is of great importance to eliminate these defects in a healthy way. Mastopexy application is the process of lifting saggy breasts by removing excess skin from the breast and reshaping the remaining tissue and nipples. This application is in great demand today due to its long-term and comfortable use.

prof. Dr. Erol Kislaoglu
Aesthetic and Plastic Surgery Specialist

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