Protection from Heat, Nutrition and Skin Health in Summer

Sun exposure increases during the summer months. Exposure to sun rays can cause many skin diseases such as skin cancers, rapid aging of the skin, and the formation of stains. Therefore, in the summer months, you should be protected from the sun as much as possible, if it is necessary to stay under the sun, sunscreen creams with high protection factor should be preferred. Children’s skin is more sensitive to the sun. For this reason, it is very important for children not to be exposed to direct sun for a long time and to use protective creams, clothes and umbrellas suitable for their skin.

The sunscreen creams to be preferred should be resistant to water and perspiration, should not irritate the skin, should not be toxic, and should contain a protective factor of thirty or more. The protective creams to be preferred for protection from the sun vary according to the skin type. Those with dry skin should prefer products with a denser consistency, those with oily skin should prefer more fluid and non-oily products. Sunscreen creams should be applied at least twenty minutes before entering the water and should be refreshed every two hours.

In the summer months, an increase in some skin diseases can be seen. Factors such as temperature, sweating, intense sun exposure, and the opening of the sea and pool season can cause skin burns and fungal diseases. Since fungal infections on the skin are contagious, attention should be paid to hygiene, air-permeable shoes should be preferred, wet clothes should be replaced with dry ones. Again, during these months, the salt water remaining on the skin can cause dryness of the skin. Dry skin can be prevented by taking a shower after getting out of the sea and using suitable moisturizers. Allergic reactions can occur on the skin with sun exposure. Allergic reactions can be prevented by using high factor sunscreens.

In order to protect the health of the skin in the summer months, processes such as waxing, epilation and chemical peeling should be avoided. Light-colored clothing should be preferred to protect the body from the sun. Again, during this period, make-up materials that are dense and cover the skin should be avoided. In summer, light products should be preferred that are easy to clean and allow the skin to breathe.

It is very important to pay attention to the diet during the summer months. During the summer months, drink plenty of water, choose light foods that are easy to digest, reduce the use of spices, avoid packaged food, and eat rich in fruits and vegetables.

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