Protection from breast cancer!…(1)

Unfortunately ; Currently, it is not possible to completely prevent breast cancer. But ; Some personal precautions that can be taken can be useful in reducing the risk. What are these measures?

in short titles;

* Staying away from cigarettes and passive smoking * Maintaining ideal weight by balancing food and beverages * Not disrupting the necessary medical check-ups * Noticing the changes in time while living a normal healthy life * Performing regular breast self-exams.

I would like to draw attention to the food here…

In that case ; what to avoid:

1) Starting from the preadolescent period, the amount of FAT to be taken with family food should definitely be reduced. Because; It has certainly been determined that; In countries with high oil consumption, the incidence of breast cancer is also high.

So, which foods will come with these restrictions:

* All kinds of food fried in oil * prepared foods * red meat * sweet biscuits and donuts * sugar and chocolate * milk food * egg .

2) GINSENG: Why? Because ; It has been found that it works like the estrogen hormone and increases the risk.

3) ALCOHOL: However, it is controversial and fully correlated. More so; It is emphasized that it may be related to the dosage. So, provided that it is 1 glass, wine, liquor or beer may not be objectionable.

4) Caffeine; Especially since it causes ‘fibrocystic diseases’, which were considered to be the precursors of breast cancer formation in the past, and then cleared, coffee-cola and chocolate are under custody…

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