Protecting Eye Structures in Myopia

Myopia should be stopped, and myopia should be prevented from disrupting eye structures. Myopia disrupts the eye structures and this reaches serious dimensions especially after -3.00. After the number -6.00, the deterioration becomes more dramatic.

What deteriorates in myopia, what precautions should we take?

To prevent enlargement of the eye: Look at those who are nearsighted, their eyes are widened. After the number -3.00, your attention will come. The number -6.00 also becomes more pronounced. Enlargement of the eye means thinning of the sclera, choroid, retina and deterioration of the vitreous. Connections between cells and tissues are broken, and atrophic areas are formed.

To prevent anterior posterior diameter elongation: Anteroposterior diameter lengthens as myopia progresses. Lengthening means thinning of the cornea and retina and deterioration of their structures. If the cornea is thick, the elongation will be backwards. Stopping the elongation is prevented by relieving the pressure of the lid on the eye and the pressure of the external muscles of the eye.

Protecting the cornea: The cornea is a soft tissue half a millimeter thin. It is around 580 microns on average. As myopia progresses, it goes below 500 microns. This is an important cause of astigmatism.

To prevent astigmatism: Astigmatism is the result of deformation of the eye and wrinkling of the cornea. A minor reason is in the lens inside the eye. Eyes with astigmatism can see clearly enough even if they wear glasses, because it causes the bottom of the eye to fall flat in the form of a plane.

Protecting the lens: As myopia increases, the structure of the lens in the eye deteriorates, spots occur, and clarity is lost. The higher the number, the higher the risk of cataract (curtain) formation at an early age.

Protecting the vitreous: The structure of the vitreous in the form of jelly in the middle of the eye is also deteriorated and becomes like water. Melting areas are formed. Black floating bodies form in front of the eye. The higher the number, the greater the disorder.

Protecting the retina: The retina, the vital point of vision, is the area of ​​the base of the eye where vision is provided and the cells that carry the image to the brain are located. As the number increases, the retina becomes thinner and cracks occur. As the eye gets larger, cells and tissues separate from each other. Invisible atrophic areas are formed. The greatest danger is tears, it is the most important cause of blindness.

Protecting the choroid: The choroid is the vascular region that feeds the eye. As myopia progresses, the vascular system also deteriorates. Veins that do not function adequately are formed.

Protecting the optic nerve:Nutritional disorders in the optic nerve, destruction of the surrounding tissues, rotation in the nerve cause deterioration of vision.

prevent eye pressure : As the eye gets larger, the channels that carry the water in the eye to the outside also deteriorate and eye pressure occurs. Due to the enlargement of the eye, eye pressure measurements also mislead the ophthalmologist and the patient. Eye pressure dries the optic nerve and impairs vision. The higher the number, the higher the risk.

Protecting vision: As the number increases, the clarity of vision decreases. Despite being given an eye number, the patient does not see clearly. Contrast and night vision are reduced. The resulting astigmatism completely impairs vision. He starts to look down on everything. The greatest danger is retinal tear, which is the most important cause of blindness in the eye.

Unable to convert: The damage to the eye caused by myopia does not return to normal with treatment. The laser made to throw away the glasses does not correct this deterioration, and it opens a separate door of damage to the eye.

Don’t tie the eye number’s progress to something as simple as a cell phone. We no longer attribute the increase to a genetic condition. There is no myopia in relatives in the family, but children do. There are so many reasons for myopia to occur…

Stop myopia or it will stop seeing…

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