• Prosthesis

In cases where teeth and surrounding tissues are lost or completely lost due to various reasons, prepared materials used to repair or replace them.
prosthesisis named.

Various types of prostheses, including fixed and removable prostheses, are used in the mouth.

1) Fixed Prostheses;It is applied on the remaining teeth in the mouth and cannot be removed by the patient.
In this process, the material is removed from the surfaces of the teeth to be used as prosthetic feet. (with teeth chipped)space is gained for the prosthesis to be adhered on.

Although it is an advantage that the patient cannot remove the prosthesis by sticking the crown-bridge prosthesis on the teeth; Shrinking intact teeth is a major disadvantage. Instead, the advantage of implant treatment, which is a much more protective treatment and applied without damaging the teeth around the extracted tooth cavity, is much greater.

2) Removable Prostheses; It is a type of prosthesis applied to patients who have no teeth in the mouth or who have too much tooth loss. Patients need to remove and clean their prostheses after each meal. It takes longer for the patient to get used to such prostheses than with fixed prostheses.

Especially in cases where the bone level in the lower jaw is low, patients complain that their prostheses move.

This situation can be prevented by making implant-supported removable prostheses. If the patient does not want to use their removable prosthesis anymore, a fixed prosthesis can be made by measuring the bone level and placing implants in the necessary areas.

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