Proper breathing and breathing exercises

We all breathe in daily life. Water, air, breath are the indispensable triad of our life. But are we breathing correctly? How can we use a vital function to our advantage?

In cases where we cannot breathe properly, our body is damaged in many ways. Our heart, digestive system and speech problems are some of them. Our correct breathing benefits us in many ways. In situations of anxiety caused by many stress factors, we unconsciously become tense and start breathing rapidly. And then there may be a feeling of being short of breath. Breathing correctly in stressful situations such as pregnancy, exam anxiety and in situations that will cause many anxiety will bring us to a state of physical and mental well-being.

The World Health Organization’s standard for correct breathing:
• Filling the lungs with 4 to 6 liters of air per minute.
• Moving the diaphragm instead of the chest while breathing: Because the use of the diaphragm is heavier and allows us to inhale more air each time. In addition, the movement of the diaphragm eliminates the pressure difference in the thoracic and abdominal cavities by massaging the organs in the abdominal region. By preventing the upward movement of the stomach and gallbladder, it is good for reflux (the rise of gastric juice to the esophagus and higher) and various gallbladder diseases.
• Breathing through the nose instead of the mouth. (Breathing through the mouth can lead to undesirable mucous secretions in the nasal region and bronchi.)
Correct breathing is the prerequisite for the correct practice of breathing exercises. After correct breathing, breathing exercises can be done in the following stages:
1. Take as deep a breath as possible by inflating your stomach through your nose.
2. Hold your breath for a few seconds.
3. Give it twice as long as it takes to inhale your soul slowly and be sure of it.
4. After doing this process two times in a row, breathe normally a few times and do the application again.
5. You will feel your body and muscles relax.
The human body and soul are not separate things. Changes in our soul can reflect positively or negatively on our body, and changes in our body can also reflect on our soul in the same direction. By taking only 3-5 minutes a day with breathing exercises, we can reflect these bodily changes in our soul and life in a positive way.

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