Promises about Meik and Sofia are an example of irresponsibility!

The flattering news in the media about the trendy scanning devices MEIK and SOFIA of recent months, are examples that are perfectly suitable to be used in a course such as “how to do irresponsible journalism”! What’s even worse is that we are a country that has medical professors and associate professors, even radiology professors, who advertise these radiological diagnostic devices in such a false, unscientific, deceptive way. Let’s explain:

MEIK The promise of “diagnosis in 30 seconds without radiation” (1) is nonsense! MEIK cannot replace mammography, ultrasound or MRI! The statement that it is used in screening in many countries is misleading. Cancerous of the cell It is a lie that it allows clear viewing! No radiological method cancer their cells cannot show. We are far from that stage. for menand All women over the age of 16 It can be applied unlimited times. What happens if you use something that is not necessary and useful, what happens if you do not use it? in pregnant women It is also malicious to say that it is used! First of all, the false positive diagnosis rate of MEIK in pregnant women should be much higher (as electrical impedance values ​​depend on metabolic rate and therefore vessel density, and in pregnant breasts, these increase naturally), which increases the risk of “unnecessary biopsy” in pregnant women due to this device. means high. Second, in general, gestational ages do not match the ages we recommend for mammography screening anyway. Of course, the main thing is always the well-being of the patient. I decide whether a mammogram (or any other medical approach) is necessary (whether pregnant or not), keeping in mind the uniqueness of my patient, and weighing the benefits and harms of it. Even if her age is compatible with mammography screening, mammography would not be the first method I would recommend to a pregnant woman for screening, but if there is a situation that I believe will be the only illuminating one after other methods (with precautions to protect the baby from radiation), I would definitely recommend mammography. I wholeheartedly believe in the basic rule of medicine: “There is no disease, there is a patient”. I also add: “There are no limits, there are conditions”.

The claims that MEIK helps to diagnose all diseases related to the mammary gland, determines whether the patient is at risk for breast cancer, and provides rapid and precise diagnosis with “automatic interpretation” are also huge lies! Our associate professor of surgery, who is the owner of one of the statements, reveals his real problem in one line: “Patients in the risk group being examined more often cancer will be diagnosed much earlier, when there are no symptoms, and the death rate from cancer will be very low”. Wow, what a pity…

to SOFIAAs for,

For this device ” mammography in massage bed ” claim (2) is charlatanism! Massage bed nonsense aside, SOFIA is not a mammogram, it’s an ultrasound machine! It can be used as an ultrasound, not a mammogram or an MRI! Like all ultrasound devices, it creates images with high-frequency sound waves (ultrasound= ultrasound), so it naturally does not contain radiation. They think it wouldn’t be so sensational when they told the truth. Our people know what ultrasound is (!), so we need to sing a new song. This is the real reason why the proprietary name (SOFIA) is used in this ad. This device has just been licensed in the USA and I expect it to spread quickly. If you ask why, the vast majority of radiologists in the US don’t know how to do ultrasound because it doesn’t have much of a place in their training. That’s also because ultrasound examination is time consuming and relatively laborious, whereas radiologists’ time is so valuable (time is indeed “money” out there). They use technicians to make this work much cheaper. In other words, ultrasound examinations are performed by ultrasound technicians, radiologists evaluate the images they take, and thus they try to make a diagnosis without touching the patient and without talking to him/her. The main reason why this device will sell well in the US is that it will reduce the technician’s burden and enable more patients to be examined in less time (for purely financial reasons), otherwise “more accurate diagnosis”or “It can be used as a substitute for mammography” not! In fact, the main purpose of research on this is to see whether the method is as useful as classical ultrasound. The fact that ultrasound images are “3-dimensional” is not an exaggeration. The word “automatic” is used misleadingly (whereas it refers to a function such as when the elevator stops by itself when it reaches the right floor). The statement that “breast screening can be done even for pregnant women” with SOFIA is also misleading (again, the art of preying on women for their weak spots) because there is no radiation in any ultrasound method, but cancer screening is unnecessary given the age of pregnant women. I don’t think this method will get the same attention in Europe because the healthcare structure is different (more like ours). Do you think we need it? I would say absolutely NO! I believe that the ultrasound should be done by the doctor (radiologist) himself. It is not healthy enough to comment with pictures of ultrasound examination done by someone else (not even a technician, radiologist). The spread of this method in Turkey further facilitates the abuse of patients, further increasing the “unjustified gains”, “unnecessary tests”, “unnecessary biopsies” and “unnecessary health costs”. On the other hand, the labor of doctors is so cheap in our country that it is not much different from hiring a technician. Americans are surprised by the number of radiologists in our departments, they say, “We are not rich enough to employ that many radiologists.”

As for the reason for the false promises about devices, the radiology device market determines the practice of medicine all over the world. The main way to get the public on the desired path without making them feel at all is through doctor’s offices and medical associations. Classically, the “miracle device” is given as a gift to the doctor’s office and a newspaper article is made to commemorate this little solidarity! As the doctor gains new patients, other doctors and patients pursue the miraculous device under the influence of his reputable name. Take the market! Calling the relevant medical associations to duty is a useless effort. Namely, the Turkish Radiology Association, which is the main relevant association, considers that the statements about this MEIK device are nonsense. in January 2012he expressed it harshly in the newspaper where the news was published (3), but in May 2012 At the National Breast Radiology Congress, he did not hesitate to assign a satellite symposium where he was the sole speaker to the representative of the company marketing MEIK (4)! Obviously he couldn’t give up!

In short, do not expect help from the authorities. It’s up to you to protect yourself!




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