prominent ear operation

The ear is one of the aesthetic units of our face. Ear surgery should generally be done before the child starts school. Children make fun of each other because they are more cruel than adults. This can cause psychological distress in children. Girls never collect their hair, boys grow hair etc.

Ear aesthetics, also called otoplasty, is based on bringing prominent ears closer to the head and recreating non-existent folds.

This operation can be performed with general anesthesia in children and local or general anesthesia in adults.

The ear is brought closer to the back by entering behind the ear with sutures and removing the cartilage if necessary. It is not correct to stick the ear completely back here. The ideal angle is 15-20 degrees. It is necessary to provide this ratio.

After the operation, pain is relieved with painkillers.

Patients who receive general anesthesia are sent home after 6 hours, those who have been operated with local anesthesia after 1 hour.

Dissolving sutures are used on the patient and no stitches are removed.

The patient uses a tennis player bandage for 1 week.

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