Prominent ear aesthetics with thread

Prominent Ear Aesthetics with Thread

Prominent ear plastic surgery is an operation that has been performed for years. In Traditional Prominent Ear Surgery; An incision is made behind the ear, the cartilage is folded back, the skin is closed, the ear is bandaged and remains bandaged for at least 10-15 days.

Prominent ear correction surgery with thread, which has been known for sixteen years, is not suitable for every patient. It is a good method in suitable patients.

In the technique made with thread, the ear is folded backwards without making any incisions with the help of a special tool and a string behind the ear. Since there is no incision, it does not require dressing, bandage, and the possibility of scarring is very low. It is performed with local anesthesia in about 15-20 minutes by numbing only the ear area. A hair band is attached to the ear after surgery to protect it.

I want prominent ear aesthetics with thread. Am I a suitable candidate?

To be able to assess this, I would need to examine you.

What are the advantages of thread ear aesthetics?

The most important advantages are that there is no incision extending behind the ear, there is no need for dressing, and the patient can return to his normal work within a few hours by opening his ears. The process is completed within minutes. He can take a shower the next day. There is no bleeding, since the skin is not cut, leather stitching is not required. The result is shown to the patient during the operation.

What are the disadvantages?

There is pain for a few days after the procedure and it is necessary to use painkillers. There is also the possibility of opening in the ears. In case of opening, it can be corrected again with the thread. For those who have had ear aesthetics with thread before, correction can be made with other methods. As with any aesthetic intervention, I recommend that you talk to your doctor from the beginning about what to do in this case.

What is the price of ear aesthetics with thread?

You can get information from your plastic surgeon for the price of ear aesthetics with thread.

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