Prominent ear aesthetics with sedation application

Ear plastic surgery(Otoplasty) is usually performed under local anesthesia and with sedation to correct the “pronounced ear” deformation.

After cartilage shaping ear aesthetics, our patients can move on to a peaceful life with themselves by looking at the mirrors comfortably without the risk of opening their ears later.

Although general anesthesia is preferred in cases where it is not possible to intervene with local anesthesia, the use of general anesthesia for prominent ear aesthetics is very rare and is often preferred in the pediatric age group.

Ear plastic surgery It takes about an hour, depending on the procedure to be performed. There are many different techniques to be used in this operation. It varies according to the patient’s needs and the surgeon’s preference. It is made by entering through an inconspicuous incision behind the ear. A combination of several methods is preferred for the result to be permanent.

Correcting the prominent prominent prominent ears, which attracts attention, with an aesthetic operation provides a proportionally beautiful face, and at the same time, serious psychological traumas are prevented, especially in school-age children. It is also for the ladies who cannot collect their hair because they are not satisfied with the appearance of their ears. ear aestheticsit is quite soothing.

In addition to large ears, it is possible to correct deformed, deformed or undeveloped ears with plastic surgery.

The development of the ears is completed around the age of 6 years. In order to prevent psychological trauma, it is recommended to correct ear deformities and prominent ear surgeries, especially before school age. This period is the earliest age period in which the operation can be performed. However, prominent ear surgery can be performed at any age and for every person who does not have an obstacle to the operation.

We prefer the cartilage shaping method in most of our patients. This method is technically more difficult and requires experience. The results are permanent as it allows the cartilage to take shape in its nature without forcing it. The advantage of this technique is that the result gives an extremely natural appearance.

After a few hours of rest in the hospital after the operation, the patient is sent home with a bandage. In prominent ear surgery, aesthetics is applied to the back of the ear and there is no need for stitches to be removed later, since the dissolving stitches are removed. Slight swelling and bruising may be seen in the ears 2-3 days after the operation. The bandage is opened at the end of the 3rd day. A sports band is attached to protect the ears. It is desirable to continue using the bandage at night for 4-6 weeks. During this period, it is necessary to stay away from active sports.

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