Prominent ear aesthetics

Prominent Ear Aesthetics

Prominent ear deformity; It means that the angle of the ear with the head region has increased or that some folds and structures that should be on the upper side of the ear are not fully formed. In our society, prominent ear; It is used and misunderstood for people who have larger ears than they should be. The main problem in prominent ear deformity is not that the ear is structurally large. The real big ear (macrotia) is a different deformation from the prominent ear and there are serious differences in terms of surgical techniques.

Prominent ear surgery is the most common plastic surgery performed in childhood in the world. The reason for this is that the ear development is completed by 90% in the pre-school age. In another sense, the size of our ears remains almost constant after the age of 7. Therefore, surgeries performed at this age do not have a negative effect on ear development.

Childhood, as we all know, is a period in which the physical characteristics of the other person are most concerned with and are hit in the face. Children with prominent ears are also heavily affected by this situation and are exposed to psychological trauma.

When Should Prominent Ear Surgery Be Performed?

The accepted opinion in the world is that prominent ear repair should be completed in pre-school age. Therefore, the recommended age range for this surgery is between 5 and 7 years. At this age, the ear completes its anatomical development and the psychological trauma that the child may be exposed to at school is prevented. Surgery can be performed at any age.

Surgical techniques:

Prominent ear surgeries are performed with an incision made on the back of the ear and do not leave a noticeable scar after the surgery. Cartilage is shaped according to the degree of deformation and it is possible to intervene in the earlobe. The surgery can be performed with local or general anesthesia. While general anesthesia is preferred in young children, local anesthesia is a suitable method in adulthood. The surgery takes about 1-1.5 hours.

Are the results permanent?

After prominent ear surgeries, the ear shape becomes permanent and it does not seem possible to return to its original state. Because in this surgery, the ear cartilage is also shaped.

Is it possible to have prominent ear surgery with a thread?

One of the most frequently asked questions lately. In fact, surgeries performed with the rope and suspension method have been applied for a long time. However, the prominent ear surgery technique with thread is not a suitable technique for every patient. I would like to state that the results of the application are much more natural and permanent if the patients who can be applied the rope suspension method are carefully selected by performing a meticulous examination before the surgery. The biggest advantage of this technique is that there is no need for dressings and dressings and the person can return to work immediately with a suspension lasting 10-15 minutes.

Will there be any scars after the operation?

Since the surgical incision is made from the back of the ear, there are no visible scars.

Will I Have Problems After Surgery?

As in any surgery, some problems may be encountered after prominent ear repair. Although the possibility of bleeding and infection is very low, care should be taken. Another possible complication is asymmetry, that is, the ears are not symmetrical. It is possible to overcome these problems with a meticulous surgical procedure.

Will I Have Pain After Surgery? How Long Will the Wraps Stay?

After prominent ear surgeries, mild pain and tingling may occur. Dressings and bandages are removed in the first week after surgery. There is no suture removal problem when self-absorbing sutures are used. There may be swelling and redness due to surgery in the first week, but these problems disappear in a short time. A tennis bandage can be worn after the dressings are removed to protect the surgical field from trauma. The use of this bandage is not mandatory, it is for precautionary purposes only.

In conclusion, Prominent Ear Surgery is a very valuable surgery that is easy to perform, has a trouble-free recovery process, and restores the self-confidence of our patients after the surgery and prevents them from experiencing psychological trauma. I wish you all success in your new life. Op.Dr.Mehmet Köksal

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