Prominent Ear

The ear is an organ that affects the external appearance of a person, has aesthetic and functional importance at the same time.
Many different deformities can be seen in the ear, including congenital absence of development. most common
The most common is the deformity called ‘scoop ear’ or ‘sail ear’ among the people.
Prominent ear is the biggest nightmare of school-age children. ‘Cause he’s a joke to his friends at school
and this situation seriously affects their school success and social relations negatively.
They have adjustment problems at school.

Prominent ear is a congenital and familial deformity. Ears are 4-5 years old.
Ear aesthetics, as it completes 85-90% of its development, usually at any age from the age of 5
can be done. Depending on personal circumstances and the family’s preference, the surgery can be performed in later years, however.
Preschool surgery raises the possibility that the child will be ridiculed by his friends because of his ears.
should be preferred because

Children of childhood age in a full-fledged hospital, under general anesthesia, adults both general
It can also be operated under local anesthesia. The operation takes approximately 1-1.5 hours. surgery, ear
It is made from the back of the auricle, the fold lines of the ear cartilages are weakened and permanent
It is shaped with internal seams, the auricle hangs to the back. With leather hidden stitches on the back of the ear
it is closed, there is no seam on the skin surface. The most important rule while doing this process is that the natural appearance of the ear
is not broken.

You can return to your home on the day of your surgery. The ear remains bandaged for 2-3 days. Bandage
You can take a shower after removing it. There may be edema (swelling) and bruising in the ear after surgery, this is
It returns to normal within 1-2 weeks. In the evening for 2-3 weeks, a soft band similar to a sports band on the head
bandage can be used. Children can return to school after a week, provided that they pay attention while playing.
Most adults can return to work after 3-4 days.

With the aesthetic surgeries performed on the ear, not only the deformities in the ear, but also the person’s
There is also a dramatic improvement in his psychological state. Now you have to cover your ears with your hair
you will not stay

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