Prominent Ear

Congenital or acquired, many different deformities can be seen in the ear. most common

The most common shape problem that disrupts the aesthetic appearance is the prominent ear. Aesthetics in prominent ears

The thing that gives the image that does not exist is that the angle of the ear with the skull is higher than normal.

For this reason, the ear is larger than it is and noticeably protruding when viewed from the front.

visible. Apart from the wide angle, the absence of in-ear folds (anti-helix) can cause this problem.

can accompany. The aim of the surgery is to normalize the angle of the ear with the head and

also to recreate these folds.

Prominent ear problem can become a social problem, especially in children. School

The psychological development of the child, who is exposed to the ridicule of other children during the

may be affected. For this reason, it is the most suitable for surgical correction of prominent ear problem.

The term is 6 years before starting school. However, at any age

can be corrected. It is a common practice to demand prominent ear aesthetics in adulthood.

is the case.

Prominent ear surgery is performed under general anesthesia in children and adults in a hospital setting.

On the other hand, it is performed with local anesthesia and takes around 1 hour. The operation is done behind the ear.

and permanent sutures to correct the angle and for the necessary folds of the ear cartilage

is discarded. The incision site is also closed with sutures. Patient home after prominent ear surgery

can return. The ear remains bandaged for 2-3 days. Postoperative edema within 2 weeks

is resolved. It takes a few months for the ear to take its final shape, but during this time the patient is uncomfortable.

It does not create an image that can

Although there is not much pain immediately after the surgery, pain in the future

painkillers recommended by the doctor can be used regularly. surgery local

If it is with anesthesia, oral food intake can be started for half an hour, if it is with general anesthesia

It is necessary to wait 4 hours after the operation. If the operation was performed with local anesthesia, the patient immediately

can stand up. If the surgery was performed under general anesthesia, the patient is under observation that day.

must exist.

The surgery does not harm the hearing ability. The scar is in the fold between the ear and the head.

It is difficult to spot even when viewed from behind. Very thin trace of this surgery

and fades over time. In addition, the post-operative appearance is also very natural.

When self-dissolving sutures are used in the surgery, suture removal is required.

is not. However, when non-melting sutures are used, the sutures should be removed on the 10th day.

The patient can start work the day after the surgery.

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