Professional Skin Care

Our skin, which has a large volume, consists of an active organ and various layers. These layers mature in a cycle and the top layer is shed every 28 days. Since our skin is a living organ and open to the external environment, it is affected by the cosmetic products or cleaners we use and the surrounding environment. The products we use individually affect the important parameters of the skin, such as sebum, pH, temperature, moisture and fluid losses.

Let me tell you about a skin care in which the skin is cleaned, nourished, moisturized, the dead skin layer is peeled off at a micro level, and antioxidant protection and acne treatment are combined;

* Opening clogged pores, tightening enlarged pores
* Reduction of blackheads (Comedon treatment)
* Balancing the sebum production of the skin by clearing the excess sebum in the skin
* Reduction of acne re-occurrence with acne treatment
* Moisturizing the skin
* and can be applied to help revitalize the skin and make it look brighter and younger.

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