Procrastination, commonly known as procrastination disease. The word originates from the Latin prostastination, meaning ‘postpone for tomorrow’. The disease of procrastination is the inability to start and postpone tasks that are difficult or undesirable to the person. This situation, which is very common in society, causes disruption of people’s order in daily life. People with procrastination are particularly attracted to distractions.

You have a report due two days later, but whenever you decide to start writing, you say you will do it later and you spend time on Instagram? We often experience this and similar examples, or we witness people around us who experience it. These excuses and escape routes distract from the task that needs to be done. However, it is necessary to make the following distinction: people with procrastination have made procrastination a habit. The most basic sign of procrastination is repetition.

Various reasons for procrastination can be mentioned. Failure in the acquired experience can push the individual to procrastination behavior. Worry about failure also leads to procrastination. Individuals may feel more result-oriented and successful-oriented anxiety than they should. Perfectionism is also considered one of the reasons. Performance anxiety created by the expectation of perfectionism can reveal procrastination behavior.

If the behavior of procrastination has become an obstacle to the work you need to do in daily life, it will be effective to get help from a specialist to cope with procrastination. However, people with procrastination can interfere with the situation with some changes in their lives. For example, they may act towards noticing and eliminating objects or factors that disrupt their concentration in their daily lives. It can be especially effective to remove objects that can easily distract attention, such as the phone, from the work environment. Making small short-term plans is another way. At the same time, they can deal with the tasks that they deem difficult and often postponed by breaking them into pieces. Another suggestion is to regulate and limit the use of the internet and social media.

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