Procrastination / Delaying

Why do we delay things?

Sometimes from ‘Perfectionism’ or ‘living with pleasure’,

Sometimes ‘out of our fear of uncertainty and bad results,

sometimes due to low self-esteem or laziness…

In short, our unhelpful assumptions underlie Procrastination.

course work,

to exercise or

in the short term when we start to postpone housework


continue to have fun and

We can experience positive results such as not disrupting the usual order.


We should not forget that short-term comfort brings negative results such as more discomfort in the long-term, cluttering up and counterproductive self-criticism.

Procrastination or procrastination is not innate, it is one of our acquired habits that can be changed.

What are ways to stop procrastination?

To determine our priorities according to our needs

Leaving Procrastination Excuses by Not Adhering to Useless Assumptions,

FOCUS ON THE PROCESS NOT THE RESULT, endure the discomfort and start from somewhere…

If you still can’t give up on your procrastination behavior, it would be helpful to get support from an expert.

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