procrastination behavior

Procrastination is one of the behaviors that many people have difficulty coping with. There can be many reasons for procrastination.

If you have a very controlling and oppressive parent profile, you may have difficulty planning your time and completing your work.

Your personality traits may be holding you back. You can change your personality by working on yourself. Focus on the change you want to be in this process. The past doesn’t matter. Focus on the present, so that the future does not affect you, nor the past stop you.

Having a perfectionist personality structure always leads to a tendency to procrastinate because of the desire to see exactly what you want to do. So the right time to do it never comes. Plans always stay on the shelf. Mostly it doesn’t take action.

Do you know how successful people achieve success? By trying, making mistakes, admitting their mistakes and moving on. When you accept this, you also accept not to procrastinate.

Always putting things you want to do in the future and not starting them at all are features that will seriously reduce your self-confidence. You may feel depressed and useless when you procrastinate all the time. The things you value gradually lose their meaning. You become unsatisfied.

In order to control this behavior, you must first realize why you are procrastinating. What are the emotions that make you feel this? Fear of failure, rejection, or fear of success? So you may not consider yourself worthy. Let’s say you have a plan to start sports. You delay it for months or even years. Do you not consider yourself worthy of this? A healthy body, a healthy mind maybe something you don’t really want internally.

After gaining awareness about it, you have to accept it. Then you will need to review the behaviors you can do. So you have to ‘do’. Getting started is the golden rule of avoiding procrastination. Remember, your first sport will be terrible, your first speech will not be a good one, your first essay will be meaningless, your first reading will be slow, the first of everything is bad. You will change and develop over time and as you work on it. Give yourself this opportunity.

I will present you my suggestions in a few items. To prevent the snooze behavior:

Plan what you want to do. You can set new tasks for yourself every day. For example; You can even write down very simple actions such as wake up at 6 am, do sports for half an hour, have breakfast, take a shower, go to work, and do the grocery chores on your way back. Don’t forget to tick every action you take. Even if you can’t do everything you’ve written, even doing a few and ticking them feels good. Instead of thinking ‘I can’t do anything’, you have the thought ‘I can’t do some things’.

Have dreams and goals. Identify them clearly. Putting it in writing makes it easier for you to stick to your goals.

Breaking up your work into small chunks. Let’s say you are writing a thesis and you have three months ahead of you. Instead of focusing on all your writing, break it down into daily chunks. It’s like writing five pages a day for the first month.

Set achievable goals. Having goals beyond what you can do is a reason not to start.

Do activities that will increase your energy every day. Embrace the sentences that will lift you up when you fall into despair. Have your motto.

Always focus on the positive. Remember, what you focus on, you multiply.

From time to time you will have to listen to the sounds around you. Try to stay away from people, institutions, events that negatively affect you. If you can’t walk away, don’t believe the negative statements they say. Somewhere within you always believe in yourself and support yourself.

I hope every day brings you new beauties. best regards

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