Procrastination Behavior

I’ll do it tomorrow.. I’ll get it done soon.. By the end of the week.. I can’t do it!.. Each of us takes shelter and postpones for some reason at least a few times in our lives. Procrastination is the state of not being able to regulate or complete the work and behavior we need to do. This behavior is about emotion management, not a time management problem.

At the root of procrastination is the problem of starting a job. Most people start to procrastinate by thinking about the work they will do, by saying I will do it on Monday, I will start on the first of the month. However, every job started in some way will eventually end. It could be dieting, studying, routine work, making money or whatever you want to do. The energy expended in avoiding things to do is often more than the energy expended in completing the task. The effect of high motivation on procrastination behavior is quite high. But waiting to be motivated to start a business will also bring procrastination. For example, studying may not be pleasant for everyone. But if we can start by pushing ourselves a little; Success will follow along with motivation. The important point here is to see that you can do something without being motivated.

Staying away from distractions will reduce procrastination. We know that internet and phone use consumes the majority of our time. Therefore, you can put your phone away from where you are while working, You can remind yourself that you will only use the internet for the work you need to do.

The task, which was postponed and left to the last moment, now becomes obligatory to be done out of the person’s choice. This negatively affects performance and success. Jobs that are left to the last minute and tried to be completed with stress and anxiety are often sloppy. This leads to unhappiness and a decrease in one’s self-esteem. Studies have shown that the more procrastination behavior increases, the more unhappiness and other negative emotions in the person increase. You can look for ways to do things that must be done, that you cannot remove from your life, by turning them into games. It has been stated that developing a more positive perspective towards life increases the behavior of finishing work on time.

An important issue that increases procrastination is the belief that the person cannot do that job. The task to be done appears in larger dimensions than it is. Reasons such as “I can’t do this in life” “I can’t do it!” are used. It should be added that we don’t know if we can do something until we try it. Dividing the work to be done into parts and starting from a part may make it easier than you think. If you have more than one task to do, you should prioritize instead of trying to do them all. This order should be from most important to least important. Starting with the most important will lighten your workload and reduce your stress. Working by focusing on one job instead of doing more than one job at the same time will increase your performance and enable you to produce a successful job. So you find yourself swimming in a pool, not an ocean?

It seems like our time will never run out in our lifetime. For this reason, we are constantly postponing things. It could be a job, an event, a career. Sometimes we wait for the right time, sometimes the first of the month. As a result of what you’ve read so far, you can start taking action right away. Think about completing the things you postponed and the relief and satisfaction it will give you. That the time passed now will never come back.

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