Problems Caused by Anxiety

Anxiety is one of the most common psychological disorders in today’s world. Anxiety is now a word that many people use. However, its more common use for first timers: anxiety disorder. The reason why its name is not directly “concern”; This is due to the fact that normal levels of anxiety are necessary for human life. Preparing for an important exam at school or a presentation at work by being reasonably anxious is a perfectly normal example of anxiety-driven behavior.

The reason why anxiety is called anxiety disorder is that the level of these anxiety we feel is much higher than normal and affects our daily lives. When we look at bilateral relations, many of the situations we complain about such as excessive jealousy, skepticism, obstructive or restrictive behaviors, and overprotection are caused by Anxiety, although not alone. “What if he likes her more; someone more fun than me, for sure my girlfriend will leave me for her; He shouldn’t go there because there are a lot of dangerous people there, something will happen to him for sure…” One of the underlying reasons for such sentences is anxiety disorders. In romantic relationships, such blocking, restrictive, suspicious or extremely jealous behaviors cause that relationship to wear out in a short time, lies and ultimately separation.

Anxiety is not just about our romantic/emotional relationships; It also negatively affects our social life. In particular, people who have thoughts such as “worthlessness” about themselves, cannot make any decisions in their friend environment and usually make hesitant statements such as “it doesn’t matter to me, you know”. Often the underlying belief is that “if I speak my mind, they don’t like it and they exclude me; irrational anxiety disorders such as “they won’t love me if I’m not compatible for them”. Although such attitudes allow you to stay in the group for a while, they will not be able to express your own feelings and thoughts in the long run and will lead to increasingly suppressed emotions, lack of self-confidence, and loneliness as a result of gradually decreasing social relations.

Beyond the problems that anxiety creates for our relationships with others, Anxiety also creates problems for one’s own life. At the beginning of these; addictions, indecisiveness, and self-defeating behaviors. For example, abuse of drugs and alcohol-containing substances causes a short-term relief; therefore, the use of these substances is needed in every situation where anxiety cannot be controlled. As a result, addictions to such substances occur after a while and adversely affect both the physical and psychological health of the person. On the other hand, another problem related to anxiety is; It is a person’s self-defeating behaviors such as not being able to start something new, being in constant indecision. “What if I catch a disease from someone when I go out; what if I have an accident; what if I get injured when I go to the gym; What if something happens to me…” due to thoughts such as, the person will not be able to do many things he wants to do, and he will have locked himself in a cage.

As a result; All these expressions are normally among the events that can be experienced in life, and there are situations that we can actually experience. However, people with anxiety disorders think that they cannot cope with such situations, and they often see themselves in a state of helplessness and experience many problems in their daily lives, along with thoughts such as “I can’t do anything if they happen”. You should know that; Anxiety disorder is a condition that can be overcome with various cognitive interventions. If you are experiencing such problems, there is a solution to this, and all you have to do is get psychological support from a specialist on the subject.

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