Principles of self-confidence

1-) Optimism: It is a positive and constructive perspective towards life. So we get the good parts and positive energizing parts of what happens to us in life and our own character. Thus, we look at life more motivated and more optimistic. If we look on the optimistic side, our ambition and intrusive side towards life is increasing. If we look pessimistic, it means we lost from the beginning. Optimism means ‘I can still stand upright in a life full of pain’. Optimistic people are stronger and face less psychologically problematic events. And they are much more successful in dealing with the problems they encounter.

2-) USEFUL HABITS: I am talking about habits that benefit the person, develop the person, and contribute to his health and psychology. For example, the first of these is diet. Having a good diet prevents us from experiencing both psychological and physical distress. It improves our quality of life. The second is to exercise. As it will keep you on the move, it will increase your motivation and increase your health and quality of life. The third is to sleep early. It will have a direct impact on your mental health. You will have more energy earlier in the day. So you can do the hard work early in the morning. The fourth useful habit is to socialize. Because we are ultra-social. As humans, we do not live individually. We live in community. Socialization is very important and beneficial because our social relations are very strong.

3-) BELIEVE IN YOURSELF: If a person has a deep belief in himself, he will continue to believe in himself and find the energy to fight the difficulties despite all the negativities, difficult situations and the worst conditions. Because that person truly believes in himself and is sure of the result. Not only does he know how the process works, but he is sure of how the process will be. So how do we believe deeply in ourselves? It is something that can be acquired through negative experiences in the most difficult times. Self-confidence is developed in life and this belief is reinforced in life. You should explore how you perform in difficult times. All of these will determine your beliefs. If you truly have faith, it will be solidified, strengthened, and developed. Every negativity is a step towards the development of self-confidence.

4-) SELF RESPECT : A self-respecting person who loves himself will want to improve himself and want to live a quality life so that he can live the best life. They are people who do not respect themselves, are lazy, do not treat themselves well, have bad habits and reduce their quality of life. In this respect, self-esteem is a golden condition for self-confidence. The biggest contribution of self-confidence is that it improves the quality of life. It is forcing you to develop and enabling you to progress at various points. There is no self-confidence without self-respect. The person with a really high degree of esteem does not eat badly, dress badly, and improve himself.

5-) OUT OF THE COMFORT AREA: Because many people are stuck in their comfort zone, they do not open themselves to the real experiences of life and do not take risks. He’s not trying to live life. He is stuck in his own comfort zone, where he feels comfortable and good. However, although the comfort zone may make you feel comfortable, it is a prison that prevents you from developing. To get out of that prison, you have to take risks and open yourself up to the negative aspects of life. People who are too stuck in their comfort zone are people who are too vulnerable to life and avoid the negative aspects of life. Because he does not have the experience to deal with negative experiences. Therefore, the best option, according to them, is to close oneself in prison. Such a life does not pass and self-confidence cannot be built. The best self-confidence is built by facing negative experiences and negative situations. The best way to get out of your comfort zone is to jump right into life. You take risks as you try new things, take various risks, and discover hobbies. You step out of your comfort zone and discover your own potential. And the most important thing you learn is that many things you have raised in your mind are actually how insignificant and worthless you learn. Stop being afraid and venture into the outside world. Enjoy the moment.

6-) HOBBIES AND INTERESTS: With our hobbies, we can see what we like and don’t like, and how much we can and cannot do. If we are good at something, our self-confidence increases because we will be successful in that subject. With our interests, we can understand what we like and don’t like. In this way, we can discover our own character and determine our potential to cope with the stress in our lives. Our common subjects in our human relations are our hobbies and interests. Interests are points that create a particular culture that brings people together and gets things done together. And we find ourselves in this culture. We develop our character and self-confidence. People with no hobbies and interests have no escape when they get bored. And they become mentally depressed. It is always better to engage in many kinds of hobbies at the same time. You become more inclined to do many things. Your basic skills, practical intelligence and abilities will develop more. The more you take care of them by making you you, the more your self-confidence will improve.

7-) REFERENCE EXPERIENCES: Negative experiences in life. If we see negative events as giving us experience, we will not be affected by negativities much. If we see what we can’t do in life and they come back to us as the experience we add to learn our mistakes. A person can be shocked at the events he encounters for the first time and does not know what to do and how. That’s why reference experiences are so important. If we have experienced an event in the past and have had a negative result, this time we can know what to do with it ourselves and we will become better at solving it.

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