Prevention of Stroke (Paralysis) in Heart Rhythm Disorder

Stroke (Paralysis) is like a dark nightmare that we fear most. The possibility that a part of our body will not take hold or that we will not be able to say even a simple word, makes us dark. Perhaps for some, being crippled and dependent on others is worse than death. One of the leading causes of stroke is heart rhythm disorders.

Rhythm disorders, manifested by the feeling of palpitation in the heart, are a common problem experienced by many people. Moreover, if left untreated, the risk of causing a stroke is 5 times higher. Even though the rate in Turkey is 3 percent, disability rates are very high.

How does a clot form in the heart?

AF cannot pump blood through the heart because the upper chambers of the heart lose their ability to contract and only vibrate. The rapidly moving blood in the contracting atria becomes quite stagnant and eventually a clot develops. Where the clot throws, the function of that organ is impaired. The most common place for clots in the heart is our brain. The clot stops the blood flow in the blocked vessel. Without oxygen, the brain region cannot do its job. If the bloodless area is the center that enables us to speak, we will not be able to speak, if the centers that move our arms and legs are left without blood, we cannot walk.

Early treatment reduces the risk of stroke in patients with atrial fibrillation !

How do we prevent it?

The only way to prevent stroke in AF patients is to make it harder for the blood to clot. It is necessary to check how much the clotting has slowed down, or the degree of blood thinning effect, as popularly called, with blood tests to be done at regular intervals, with a test called INR.

“Now the task of heart doctors is not to protect the heart, but to protect the brain.”

Recently, with the increase in cigarette consumption in women, vascular diseases have gradually increased and become the disease of our age. The whole society is getting fat, and the weight problem increases blood pressure and sugar. All these factors combine, resulting in an exponential increase in cardiovascular diseases such as snowballs. Cardiovascular diseases are responsible for one in every two deaths. When the vascular disease is in the vessels going to the brain, this appears as paralysis. Controlling high blood pressure and cholesterol levels is very important for our brain health.

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