Prevention of breast cancer!…( 2 )

It is a continuation of the information in our previous article.

How should we eat to prevent breast cancer?

Here’s a National Cancer Institute-approved diet;

Divided into 5 meals a day: *half a portion of fresh fruit *1 cup of raw leafy vegetables* 1/2 cup of cooked vegetables *1/2 cup of squeezed fruit juice and 1/4 cup of dried fruit.

If we categorize beneficial foods:

1) Foods rich in beta carotene: Yellow-dark green vegetables and fruits: *carrot*apricot*plum*peach*papaya*potato*melon*spinach*cabbage and broccoli.

ATTENTION: It is thought that the protection of green vegetables and fruits that do not belong to this group is less.

2) Antioxedes: Vitamin ace and selenium

***In these, there are many publications that show that especially vit C reduces the incidence of breast cancer with regular use.

So: lemon, orange, blackberry, currant, grapefruit, mango, raspberry, strawberry, artichoke, okra, pepper, parsley and guava (pear-like fruit grown in the USA) should be consumed in abundance.

Vit A: broccoli, chicory (cherry salad), corn and green beets, Vit E: hazelnuts, sunflowers, almonds and cereals

selenium; It can be obtained from brewer’s yeast, lean meat, shellfish, and cucumber.

3) Fibrous foods: Fiber (fiber) is especially useful for removing fat from the body. Beans, fruit and vegetable peels, dried figs, lentils and peas can be counted.

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