prenatal concerns

The mother-to-be, who learns that she is pregnant, is filled with joy, happiness and excitement.
This feeling of excitement and joy 4.5. It reaches its peak when the baby’s movements begin to be felt in the first months, especially when the gender is learned and shopping is started on behalf of your baby, when you share your excitement with the father and the environment, indescribable excitements…
While we are experiencing such happy excitement, someone comes and tells us about the problems that can be experienced in birth in order to spoil our mood., when there is so much beauty of the miracle of birth…
Many people always share their bad experiences, pain and suffering. As an obstetrician who gave birth naturally, I always wondered, “How can they interpret this miraculous and unique process unique to womanhood and motherhood like that?” saying.
And unfortunately, when the expectant mother begins to perceive birth as a difficult event to live, her happy excitement turns into anxious waiting.
However, birth is a natural end of pregnancy and a wonderfully programmed process that elevates you to “mother” status.
In fact, all the expectant mothers have to do is wait for the birth with the joy and excitement that they learned about their pregnancy, and say “It will be” to the program written for her and her baby. Anxious, anxious expectations can disrupt the written program and negatively affect the natural process.
In order to reduce our anxiety and affect the birth process negatively, we should learn about birth from the right people and even get support from pregnant training programs organized by experts in this field.
Because if you wait for the birth with excitement and not with anxiety, if you prepare to welcome your baby with these feelings, be sure that birth is the most wonderful experience of your life.

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