Premature (uncontrolled) ejaculation

Premature (uncontrolled-immature) ejaculation is a condition that every man can experience at certain times in his life. Experiencing ejaculation (ejaculation) without feeling the required saturation/maturity without reaching a sufficient level of mutual pleasure and satisfaction with a regular partner during sexual intercourse, not a problem to be determined and diagnosed according to a certain time, the number of entry-exit or the second ejaculation time is the status. Therefore, it is a problem that concerns not only the man but also the couple, that is, both the partners, like other sexual dysfunctions.

Similar situations that a man can experience alone, without a partner (self-satisfaction = masturbation) or with different partners/temporary relationships cannot be called “premature ejaculation”, nor are they a subject of “sexual therapy”. If you have a regular partner or spouse, this etc. It is useful to receive sexual therapy for problems, and to receive “individual sexual counseling”, including psychoeducation, for sexual questions/anxiety and preparation before the individual decides to have a problem, wants to make sense of / seek answers, or decide to have a sexual relationship with a regular partner. will be.

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