Premature Ejaculation Treatment

WHAT IS EARLY ejaculation?

It is known that 7 out of 10 men in our country have conscious or unconscious premature ejaculation problem. While the problem of premature ejaculation causes problems in the sexual life of the couple, it also causes relational problems, anger and conflict problems. In the premature ejaculation problem, the man’s “I ejaculate early. It is often seen that the thought of “Woah!” causes him to experience inadequacy and loss of self-confidence, and at the same time struggle with the anxiety of losing control.

Premature ejaculation is when a person ejaculates without his own control and desire during sexual intercourse. The inability to control ejaculation occurs just before or just after the man starts sexual intercourse. The inadequacy of the ejaculation time experienced here causes incompatibility between the partner. Because the sexual intercourse is terminated before the partner is stimulated and satisfied. In this case, tension increases between the couples. Although it is not correct to say the ejaculation time as the exact net time, the criterion determined for this is less than 5 minutes, which can be considered as a premature ejaculation problem. Sexual intercourse between 5-7 minutes is at the desired level.

You can tell if you have premature ejaculation problem by reading the symptoms below. If you say that I have many of these symptoms, you may be experiencing this problem.

  1. I ejaculate 5 minutes before sexual intercourse.

  2. I am ejaculated before my partner is satisfied.

  3. I often cannot control my ejaculation reflex.

  4. I ejaculate without getting pleasure from sexual intercourse.

  5. I ejaculate after a few come-and-go movements or as soon as it touches the vagina.

  6. I have sex with the fear that I will ejaculate prematurely.

  7. I feel pretty inadequate.

  8. I am angry and aggressive most of the day.

  9. I feel helpless.

  10. I often take alcohol or a stimulant to deal with these negative feelings.

Premature Ejaculation Treatment

The person who applies with premature ejaculation problem is first investigated by the psychotherapist, whether the problem is physiological or psychological. If it is determined by the specialist physician that the problem is not physiological and it is understood that the problem is of psychological origin, then the process continues with the psychotherapist. Sex therapy begins. Make sure that the specialist you will receive sexual therapy has received sexual therapy training. With this therapy method, the treatment process continues by correcting the false beliefs of people about sexuality and giving the necessary exercises as homework.

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