Premature ejaculation is not unsolvable

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premature ejaculation, It is one of the male sexual problems that negatively affects the sexual lives and marriages of many men and couples with active sexual life and is the most common reason for applying to sexual therapy. Most men may experience temporary premature ejaculation at some point in their lives, either by chance or due to stress factors. It is necessary not to worry immediately, and not to attach great importance to premature ejaculation. If premature ejaculation has become persistent and repetitive, it should be considered a problem.

premature ejaculationamong male sexual function problems orgasm disordersclassified in a orgasmic disorder It is considered. If it continues for a long time, in men erectile dysfunction and sexual reluctance to their problems; in women inability to orgasm, lack of sexual desireand can cause damage to the romantic relationship between the couple.

WHAT IS EARLY ejaculation?

premature ejaculation , by quickly stimulating the man with very little stimulation; repetitive involuntary discharge beyond his will and control . premature ejaculation problemMen who live have not learned to control their ejaculation from the beginning of their first active sexual life. In premature ejaculation Since the man ejaculates very quickly, both partners are inevitably disappointed. A man without premature ejaculation can delay orgasm by controlling his ejaculation. In premature ejaculation, the person cannot do this. As soon as it reaches a certain stage of arousal, it ejaculates uncontrollably.

Repetitive uncontrolled ejaculationAs a result of their experiences, over time, they begin to experience recurring premature ejaculation anxiety in every sexual activity. performance anxiety and tension builds up. Thus, premature ejaculation turns into a vicious cycle. Over time, these men may experience reluctance to enter into new relationships as well as sexual reluctance for fear of being humiliated and disappointing women.

TYPES OF EARLY ejaculation

Primary (primary) Premature Ejaculation: The man has been experiencing premature ejaculation since the beginning of his first active sexual life. It is the most common type.

Secondary (Secondary) Premature Ejaculation:Although the person was able to control his premature ejaculation at some point in his life, he started to have premature ejaculation later on.

Situational Premature Ejaculation:While the man has the problem of premature ejaculation in some cases or with some partners, he does not have this problem in some other cases or with partners.


We can list the most typical basic symptoms of premature ejaculation as follows:

Uncontrolled ejaculation for one to two minutes during sexual activity.

Difficulty preventing or controlling ejaculation during sexual activity.

Starting to avoid sexual activity with the fear of experiencing the same problem again.

Performance anxiety, apprehension and restlessness about sexual activity.

Frustration, guilt, inadequacy, and feeling that you can’t get enough of your partner.

The occurrence of involuntary ejaculation in almost every relationship.

Causing uneasiness and tension between the couple.

It causes mental tension and anxiety in the person.

These symptoms have persisted for at least 6 months.

CAUSES OF EARLY ejaculation

Although the causes of premature ejaculation are not fully known, they are grouped under two main headings as medical reasons and psychological reasons. However, it is accepted that premature ejaculation is related to psychological rather than biological reasons. The main causes of premature ejaculation can be listed as follows:

Lack of sexual knowledge and experience and false sexual beliefs.

Anxiety and depression.

Adverse sexual experiences.

Childhood mental and sexual traumas.

Performance anxiety.

Drug and substance use.

Anxious structuring and low self-esteem.

Serious relationship and marriage problems.

Negative patterns of sexual interaction.

Sexual miscommunication.

Other sexual problems in the partner or partner.

Diabetes, thyroid and hormonal diseases.

Pituitary gland diseases and neurological diseases.


Every man reacts differently to premature ejaculation according to his personality structure. Some men cannot accept premature ejaculation, deny it and try to live as if there is no problem. The truth is, most men with premature ejaculation are extremely upset and uncomfortable with their problems. The most touching part of the job is that these men feel that they are not understood enough by their spouses.

After repeated unsuccessful sexual activities, they begin to experience anticipatory anxiety over time. Her natural sexual behavior is interrupted by the anxiety that she will ejaculate prematurely. During sexual activity, tension builds up between the couple. As a matter of fact, the bed life of the couple turns into a battlefield during sexual activity. The couple is deprived of touch and being touched, the natural component of sexual intimacy. The reason is the concern of premature ejaculation. Men often feel frustration, embarrassment, inability to mate, and guilt after sexual activity. He has an anxious expectation of sexual failure. Over time, avoidance of sexual activities with the partner begins.

Women react differently to their partner’s uncontrolled ejaculation. Some women act as if there is no problem, probably because they do not have sexual communication in order not to offend their spouse. Some women react harshly to hurt their partner. Other women try to adapt to premature ejaculation by trying to speed up their orgasms. It is true that women are more upset by premature ejaculation itself than by their partner’s failure to seek treatment to solve the problem. Because they interpret this as not being valued, not caring about marriage. They experience disappointment, resentment, and partner resentment. Thus, premature ejaculation negatively affects the couple’s marital relationship. Over time in women as a reaction to premature ejaculation that persists for a long time. loss of sexual desire, arousal and inability to orgasmproblems may develop.


Early onset, which is the fearful dream of men, which men say “what I wouldn’t give for three or five minutes” in their male conversations, can be treated with a hundred percent success with sexual therapy. The natural and permanent treatment of premature ejaculation is sexual therapy.

uncontrolled ejaculation it is not a disease. It is incorrect learning or delayed learning rather than illness. It is the fact that the person has not learned ejaculation control. The reason for this is that the man does not recognize and does not notice the sexual stimuli before orgasm. The main goal in the treatment of premature ejaculation is to help the person fully perceive the intense sensations that precede orgasm. In other words, it is to increase awareness of the stimulus by concentrating on the sensations of sexual stimulation before ejaculation. Therefore the person early ejaculation treatmentin the process sexual therapy assignmentsHe should not allow anything to distract him from concentrating on his sexual stimulation. Only in this way can he increase his awareness by detecting the signals of approaching orgasm.

Premature ejaculation is not unsolvable. Men premature ejaculation techniques They can learn ejaculation control with. The person is motivated and sex therapy homework in a systematic way all cases of premature ejaculation are successfully resolved.

premature ejaculation treatmentSince it increases the success rate in the process and shortens the process, the couple is preferably taken to sexual therapy together and sexual couple therapy is applied. Men without a partner or if the problem is clearly due to individual dynamics individual sexual therapyapplied

sex therapist makes a comprehensive assessment by taking a good sexual history. As a result of this evaluation, the effects of premature ejaculation on the couple, whether there is another accompanying sexual problem, the partner’s reactions to premature ejaculation, performance anxiety and degree, emotional and sexual intimacy of the couple, whether they are aware of the level of arousal or not becomes clear. In premature ejaculation sex therapy, tension between the couple is relieved by working on the expectation of failure, pressure and sexual communication. A good emotional environment is created.

Treatment of premature ejaculation (premature ejaculation), Premature ejaculation treatment techniques such as teaching techniques to control or delay ejaculation, developing confidence in sexual performance, changing stereotyped obstructive sexual behaviors, resolving the problems between spouses that affect or maintaining premature ejaculation, restructuring feelings and thoughts that interfere with sexual function, and increasing sexual interaction.of a successful includes execution.

Providing relaxation and relaxation, taking control of the love muscles, focusing on the sensations, breathing exercises and masturbation games are the most important early dischargeare treatment techniques. Sexual therapistAfter explaining in detail the necessary exercises in the session sex therapy assignments as gives. After the client learns to relax his body and love muscles, masturbation games are continued. With stop-start games, he learns to increase the warning time gradually. Preferably, it starts with the dry hand technique first and then moves on to the wet hand technique.

When the ejaculation period is long enough, sexual intercourse games are started with the woman on top. With the special sexual therapy techniques applied at this stage, it is ensured that the ejaculation period is sufficiently prolonged in sexual intercourse.


It is accepted that almost all cases of premature ejaculation are caused by psychological reasons. However, subsequent cases suggest possible physical causes.


premature ejaculation treatment It is a short-term therapy. Premature ejaculation problem can be successfully treated in 6-8 sessions on average. However, having additional sexual problems and accompanying psychiatric disorders such as depression, alcohol and drug use are some of the factors that negatively affect the premature ejaculation treatment process.


premature ejaculation problem Men who experience premature ejaculation perceive it as a physical disease and think that it should be treated with a drug. Anesthetic creams, retarding ointments, sprays and condoms applied to the penis are not effective in the treatment of premature ejaculation. Distraction strategies such as counting numbers, thinking about bills and graveyards, doing hard math calculations do nothing to control ejaculation. There is no evidence that alcohol and other sedative tranquilizers and herbal remedies delay ejaculation. Antidepressant drugs have been tried in the treatment of premature ejaculation, and some positive effect has been observed for a short time, but it has been observed that the person returns to the previous level of premature ejaculation after a while or as soon as the drug is discontinued.

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