pregnant pilates

In addition to hormonal changes, some physical changes occur in the body of expectant mothers during pregnancy. Some postural problems and pains may occur due to the forward displacement of the center of gravity during pregnancy. These pains can reach the level of limiting the daily life of the mother in the later stages of pregnancy. The stress load carried by the pelvic floor muscles will increase with the increase in the weight of the baby and the growth of the uterus during pregnancy. This may cause the mother to encounter problems such as urinary incontinence. At the same time, the movement of the diaphragm muscle, which is one of the most important structures of respiration, up to 4-6 cm during pregnancy may prevent the pregnant woman from fully breathing effectively. Breathing exercises during pregnancy will help them relax by increasing their respiratory capacity and reducing their stress. What are we aiming for with pilates during pregnancy? ??

✨With Pilates during pregnancy, expectant mothers to have a more comfortable and healthy pregnancy,
✨To support the development of the baby in the womb,
✨To eliminate the fear of childbirth and to allow the pelvic floor muscles to work by allowing expectant mothers to relax,
✨To provide postural awareness and control
✨Reducing the risk of diabetes and hypertension that may occur during pregnancy,
✨We aim to achieve controlled weight gain.

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