How does pregnancy occur?

Between the 10th and 20th days of menstruation, an egg is released from the female ovary and is held by the female cords. The male offspring, who drink the chamber, passes the cervix and the intrauterine cavity and reaches the female cords, and fertilization takes place in the female cord. The fertilized egg travels to the uterus and finds a suitable place in the uterus and settles.

How is the first detection of pregnancy done?

It can be determined by performing a blood pregnancy test on the first hour and day of pregnancy.

When 3 to 10 days pass, the urine pregnancy test gives results.

After 3 to 10 days, a gestational sac is seen by ultrasound.

What is done in pregnancy follow-up?

When it is understood that there is a pregnancy with a urine pregnancy test or a blood pregnancy test, it is determined by ultrasound at 1.5-2 months of pregnancy whether the pregnancy product is viable or not, whether there is a single or multiple pregnancy, gall bladder and kidney disorders, and whether there is a tumor or cyst accompanying the pregnancy.

At 3 months of pregnancy, the first trimester screening test is performed by measuring the nuchal thickness, height and head diameter of the baby with ultrasound, and looking at the level of 2 hormones in the blood. It is very sensitive in screening for disability in pregnancy. Again, the mother’s blood level, postprandial blood sugar and jaundice are tested.

Triple screening test is done at 4 months of pregnancy.

At 6 months of pregnancy, the baby’s body measurements are made and it is evaluated whether the baby’s development is compatible with the last menstrual period.

At 9 months of pregnancy, the baby’s well-being is evaluated with ultrasound and fetal cardiogram (NST) and the delivery method is decided.

Type of birth:

The ideal is normal birth.

If the baby is large, if the mother’s roof bones are narrow, if the baby’s heart rate drops below 100, if the normal course of delivery will be prolonged, cesarean delivery is considered.

It should always be remembered that normal delivery is good for the mother, and cesarean delivery is good for the baby.

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