Pregnancy weight is a social issue

Hello ladies, I’m in a very chatty mood today, I thought I’d explain a little bit. 🙂 Before I come to the pregnancy part, I want to talk about the following; Wherever we are in the world, we women are expected to serve a project: to be the perfect woman. We are expected to be quiet, harmonious, small, sometimes cute, sometimes sexy, to fit certain body sizes. This ideology is a global epidemic that exploits women’s psychology for serious money.

We, too, learn our role (!) in making our bodies look more attractive and attractive from a young age and strive to make it more perfect every day. The real issue starts here: female body means next generation.

Let me explain to you with a dramatic example. This psychological pressure, hunger for food turns into this during pregnancy: Now I have a reason accepted and approved by society for eating, I am two living things, I finally eat as I want. This ideology, which forces you to wear a wedding dress with 45 kilos and leaves you hungry, now forces you to eat excessively and unhealthy. The result is a baby who will be born prone to many diseases in the future, as well as gaining too much weight in 9 months, excessive exposure to food, and the body image he will inherit from his mother.

The miraculous female body doesn’t deserve to be beaten up like this. We have to start thinking, reading, changing and changing.

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