Pregnancy Signs and Findings

1. Delay of your period:
This symptom is probably the most definite. Some expectant mothers may experience very light bleeding during their menstrual period, this is not like the normal menstrual period and may be a harbinger of possible pregnancy.

2. Feeling pregnant
This early symptom may also be a reason why you are reading this article right now. Many expectant mothers have a hunch about whether they are pregnant, and the hunch has often proven correct. You may suddenly start to feel different, for example, you may be feeling more tired, or you may be experiencing occasional nausea, mild dizziness or stress, extreme mood swings. In addition to these, you may complain of constipation or go to the toilet more often than before. These can also be a sign of a possible pregnancy.

3. Breast tenderness
One of the earliest noticeable signs of pregnancy is swollen, tender and somewhat sore breasts. You may feel this symptom while turning right or left before falling asleep, or while dressing or taking a bath. When you become pregnant, your body begins to prepare itself for milk production or breastfeeding. In addition, breast tenderness, swelling, sore nipples or extra tenderness. Some of our expectant mothers also experience color changes in their nipples.

4. Fatigue
Another of the earliest pregnancy symptoms is the feeling of extreme tiredness that starts suddenly. They may start to go to bed earlier, or they may find it harder to get out of bed in the morning. If you are working, you may experience increased fatigue and sleepiness towards noon. The smallest activity or activity you do can deplete your strength of movement and cause your blood pressure to drop or make you feel sluggish.

5. Going to the toilet frequently
Another important symptom is the increase in the frequency of going to the toilet. This frequency may increase enough to be noticed by your colleagues or the people around you. We didn’t want to say this, but sometimes this situation can go on for nine months.

6. Nausea
Another condition that occurs in the early stages of pregnancy is nausea. You may feel extremely nauseous or even take it out when you least expect it. This early symptom can also appear in the first week of pregnancy. While some of our mothers-to-be experience this problem only in the morning, for others it may last all day.

7. Dizziness and/or fainting
Another early pregnancy symptom is the feeling of lightheadedness. After standing for a while, waiting in the queue at the grocery store, you may experience dizziness when you sit and stand up suddenly. This is a condition that occurs when your blood pressure drops as the uterus swells and puts pressure on the veins in your legs.

8. Appetite loss or aversion to certain foods
Another sign of pregnancy is the appetite of our expectant mothers. Cravings may also occur and they may want to eat unseasonal fruits or vegetables. On the other hand, on the contrary, some expectant mothers may experience disgust and disgust for their favorite foods.

9. Sensitivity to odors
Another symptom that is often noticed in some of our expectant mothers is hypersensitivity to odors. Any food or perfume smell can be extremely uncomfortable or cause nausea.

10. Heartburn and/or constipation
The reason for this problem is that the uterus starts to swell and puts pressure on the stomach. At the same time, increased hormone levels in your body can slow down digestion. In this process, taking additional vitamins under the supervision of a doctor may be beneficial for your developing baby. Again, eating frequently in short intervals can also contribute to the reduction of these problems.

11. Changes in mood
Depending on the hormonal changes that occur in your body, some changes may occur in your mood. You may suddenly become angry or stressed. While laughing for a moment, you may feel emotional and cry or experience extreme excitement the next. All these are quite normal and possible signs of pregnancy.

12. Increased body temperature
The increase in temperature in the body is one of the important symptoms of pregnancy. You may feel like you have a slight fever and think you have a cold. Therefore, if you are in the process of becoming pregnant, you can follow the increases in your body temperature. We recommend that you consult your doctor in cases such as excessive fever that continues for a long time.

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