Pregnancy screening tests

Screening tests are tests used to detect a high-risk group for a certain disease risk or anomaly. The purpose of screening tests is to detect the baby with anomaly as soon as possible in order to have a healthy child. A good screening test should be easy to apply, have high reliability and low cost. The aim of this review will be to determine the most appropriate test for the detection of trisomies according to the week of gestation and the anomaly detection success of the tests.

Screening tests are used to detect high risk for a certain disease or anomalies. In order to have healthy children, screening test is applied to find out directly to determine the abnormal babyWhile a good screening test is easily applicable, high reliabile and cost-effective. This review emphasized that determining the most appropriate test for the detection of trisomy according to the gestational age and focus on the anomaly detection achiecvements of these tests.

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