Prediabetes, Insulin resistance

As the number of patients with diabetes increases over the years, the awareness of this disease in the society increases and the public
is becoming frequently discussed. Diabetes onset, hidden sugar, insulin resistance
The described condition is increasing rapidly in number of outpatient clinic applications. no longer pre-diabetic
In this period, it was given great importance by scientists and extensive studies were carried out on this subject.
The overt pre-diabetes period is defined as prediabetes, and in this case, the treatment
takes its place in the guidelines. Fasting blood glucose level between 100-126 mg/dl
measurement establishes the diagnosis of prediabetes. Again, 5 of the insulin level measured at this stage
, HOMA index above 2.2 prediabetes or insulin resistance
makes the diagnosis. Examining the patients at this stage and starting their treatment early
It greatly contributes to the positive course of diabetes adventures of patients. Early
The progression time to overt diabetes of patients treated in the first stage is prolonged or the risk is completely eliminated.
can disappear. At this stage, according to the characteristics of the patient, metformin and pioglitazone
group drugs are often preferred. Diet and exercise are also an important part of treatment.
forms the step.

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