They are removable prostheses that are supported by the sliders and attachments hidden behind the coatings applied to the existing teeth in cases where some of the teeth are present in the mouth. The fact that no metal is visible in the mouth when viewed from the outside is its superiority over partial dentures.

  • Cleaning of Removable Dentures

Daily cleaning and maintenance of your dentures is important in order to prevent plaque, food residue and tartar formation. Regular care is essential to maintain the health of the tissue under the prosthesis and to prevent infections.

After meals, wash your prosthesis in water to remove food residues.

Before going to bed, you should brush your denture using water, various toothpastes or denture care products. Abrasive powders should not be used in the brushing process, as abrasive powders will damage the denture surface. Special denture brushes or normal toothbrushes can be used for brushing. Along with daily brushing, chemical weekly prosthetic care should also be done using special effervescent denture cleaning tablets.

Despite all this care, stains and tartar that penetrate into the denture in a long time can only be cleaned by your dentist with ultrasonic tools and the polish of your denture is renewed.

Do not forget to visit your doctor regularly every six months, so that you can use your prostheses as they were on the first day for a long time.

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